Custom Website Design

Every website designed for our clients is different & customised to their exact requirements. Acceler8 Media take in to account existing logo colours, style & branding as necessary. If we design a logo as part of your website package, again, colours & styles will blend in throughout the site design, layout & functionality.

  • When designing your website we take in to account your requirements for colours & layout. Simultaneously, we work with you to make sure that those requirements will work effectively & that the site we design & build for you will produce results.
  • Lots of of our clients basically let us get on with it is & take advantage of our years of experience & expertise to select for them & design & build their website based on our understanding of who they are & what they do.


Responsive Website Layout

By Responsive Site Layout we mean your website will work on all devices and by devices we mean mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

  • There's now over 232 sizes of screens obtainable in different devices. In lieu of generating 232 different layouts for your site, Acceler8 Media generate a responsive layout that detects how wide the screen is and automatically works out the best way to display your site.
  • Over 53% of users in the United Kingdom now use a mobile device for online access. By not having a website with a responsive design businesses are losing over half of their potential target market and thus future customers and sales.
  • Having a website designed and built by Acceler8 Media ensures that your site can be seen by the maximum number of visitors feasible.


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We will create a fantastic looking and future proof websites that work on all devices to maximise your online presence and in turn your business.