The Benefits of Blogging

Everyone is looking to be found on page one of Google and it isn't quite as simple as it used to be. In days gone by there were a plethora of short cuts which could be used to assist your page rankings. They weren't necessarily always black hat techniques, but they took advantage of the known attributes of the Google algorithm. Things like keyword stuffing and link building were quick and easy to achieve, but overtime Google has grown wise to these tactics and tweaked it's algorithm to penalise bad practice.

These days the key to improving page rankings and being found is quality content and content marketing. Even if your website is a relatively static beast with little which needs updating on a regular basis you can always add fresh content via a blog. Not only do blogs tend to index quicker on Google, they also keep users interested and returning to your site. A good blog is not only a benefit in terms of the users who read it, but it adds new content and pages which will all have the opportunity of being ranked on Google. We are based in Darwen and like to write posts and content which is relevant to the local audience. If we try and write about topics in neighbouring areas such as Blackburn and Preston, it becomes far more difficult to keep the content informative and engaging.

Have a look at the infographic below and see some key facts and figures about the benefits of blogging. Just remember if you are going start blogging a bad blog can be more destructive than beneficial. If you really want to make your blog work it is usually best to co-ordinate it with a well managed social media campaign as we offer to our clients at Acceler8 Media.


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